Life by the Numbers

When at all possible, I try to keep things simple. But life gets complicated and time passes without me even noticing. Sometimes it's nice to take a step back and appreciate all the little (and big) numbers that sum up my days and experiences. Here are this week's results.

- Exams I've taken: 1

- Exams I think I passed: 0

- Episodes of The OC I watched today: 4

- Number of flower crowns I predict are at tonight's Lana Del Rey concert:  

- Percentage of me wishing to be there right now: 100

- Times I've listened to this new song by Coldplay: 15

- Pieces my heart breaks into over Chris Martin: 1,000,000

- Cups of coffee sipped this week: 5 

- Chocolate chip cookies I've shamelessly eaten: 6

- Moments of stress: seemingly endless

- How often things aren't as bad as I make them seem: always.


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