Will You Call My Name?

There are certain occasions that girls spend years imagining and planning for, prom being one of them. It's a day defined by the details--the hair, nails, shoes, makeup, jewelry, and dress. All this preparation but at the end of the night when you're sweaty and your hair is a mess and your makeup is running and the heels are off and you're sitting around a bonfire surrounded by all your friends for the first of the 'last' times, it hits you that it all happened so quickly. It's true when they say that the best times happen right as they lose the ability to ever be the same again. People become closest before preparing to go their separate ways. But last night I decided not to think about what comes next. I danced like an idiot. I smiled a little brighter in each photo I took. I looked at all the beautiful people surrounding me and held onto the sparkle and shine that is prom for as long as I possibly could. These occasions are never quite what we expect or plan them to be. When I think of prom I think of cheesy 80's movies--disco balls, teased-out bangs, and maybe a powder blue tux or two--but no matter what the reality turns out to be, it will always be better than anything you could have imagined. It will be yours. But that still doesn't stop me from listening to some great 80's hits to set the mood for a night of future teenage nostalgia. 

Heaven is a Place on Earth // Belinda Carlisle
Take Me Home Tonight // Eddie Money
Your Love // The Outfield
Higher Love // Steve Winwood
Come On Eileen // Dexys Midnight Runners
Africa // Toto
I Wanna Dance with Somebody // Whitney Houston
Dancing in the Dark // Bruce Springsteen
Hungry Like the Wolf // Duran Duran
Don't You (Forget About Me) // Simple Minds

Graduation is less than a month today. You can expect a Breakfast Club fist-pump from me.


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