Fall is here. And with the start of fall comes the sense that life is changing, for better or worse, but that new beginnings also await us. Change answers life's unknowns: we can't discover what else is out there if we limit ourselves to staying in one place, to staying the same. Because while we easily notice all the changes around us, we often forget that we, too, are changing constantly. You aren't the person you were a month, a year, a day ago. You continue to grow, learn, screw up, learn some more, until one day you hardly recognize yourself at all. There's a song that comes to mind by one of my new favorite bands, Haim:

Don’t stop, no one’s ever enough
I’ll never look back, never give up
And if it gets rough, it’s time to get rough
Oh, but now I'm

Change is scary. And overwhelming. And sometimes it flat-out sucks. We can either fall into life and let those changes define us, terrify us. Or we can take a leap of faith knowing that wherever we land, we'll figure it out somehow. This season, be inspired by change, not defeated.


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