'Tis the Season

December 25th is less than a week away and if you're anything like me, you've grown very tired of listening to the likes of Mariah Carey tell you, on constant repeat, what they want for Christmas (hint: it's YOU). So here's a mix of some holiday alternatives because, if you're anything like me, you're also going to need something to remind you that the last-minute shopping, wrapping, planning, etc. is worth it.

It's a magical time of year. The lights, the giddy childish anticipation, the first snowfall that makes you feel frozen in time, in a single moment. Little moments that add up to our most poignant memories. There's no real way to describe it. So be happy. Enjoy it while it lasts. Fill your house with tinsel, stockings, cookies, laughter, and tunes. Maybe sneak in a dance or two... But maybe keep that part to yourself. 


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