Feel Good, Inc.

Cool things that happened this week: 

1. My school won a freakin' National Championship (for the third year in a row). 

2. I turned nineteen. Much maturity, adulthood and such.

3. Finished up my training at WHUS radio. I'm hoping to be on-air with my own show sometime this summer, so stay tuned :)

4. Tomorrow I'm running my first half-marathon!!!  

But on a real note...

Do you ever get the feeling that all these cool things are happening around you, but you're not really experiencing them the way you should be? That there's something missing

I can be too hard on myself. I have those days of self-doubt (usually also coinciding with bad hair days). Sometimes I slouch more than I should, laugh along to the joke I didn't get, roll my eyes disapprovingly at the people I love, eat so unhealthy I'm afraid to put on tight pants. Some days I'd rather just not wear pants, like ever. I battle the negative thoughts. I battle the person that looks back at me in the mirror. But I guess somewhere along the way I've done a little growing up. 

In order to love our lives we must first learn to love ourselves. And it's taken me quite some time to reach this relatively simple conclusion. When you feel good about the way you look, the choices you've made, the people you surround yourself with, that energy feeds into everything else. Suddenly the sun is brighter, the walk to class is a little bit warmer, your laughter feels real and full and genuine and smiling isn't forced. The better you know yourself, the better you can change the way the world sees you. 

So, I hope you can find peace with yourself. I hope that all the moments and accomplishments can mean something to you. I hope your week was just as cool as mine, and I hope it didn't take until now for you to realize it. I hope you give yourself a break, a pat on the back, dessert before dinner, whatever it takes to feel good. Because, believe me, there's a lot to feel good about. 


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