The Collective

I'm in the process of changing things up (in my life, and otherwise). I think a change of scenery always helps: starting with my bedroom, my own little sanctuary where I spend the most time, even if just to let my head hit the pillow before getting up and going, going again. 

I like the idea of 'intentional' clutter--little things you wouldn't normally pair but somehow find their place together. Walls covered in photos, magazine clippings, artwork, anything to inspire.  A room made up of individual components, with a personality that's all its own. While looking for new ideas of how to fill up my space a little more consciously, I came across The Tappan Collective: 

Los Angeles natives Chelsea Neman (L) and Jordan Klein (R) met at the University of Michigan. The artist and art historian studied together in Michigan’s Tappan Fine Arts Library and within those walls, the two developed their understanding and love for art.
After graduating in 2010, Chelsea followed her passion as an artist and Jordan pursued a career at an art gallery. They quickly realized the lack of opportunity for emerging artists. Many of their talented friends fresh out of art school were struggling to exhibit and sell their artwork. Jordan and Chelsea saw great opportunity for an online platform that would connect emerging artists to the many aspiring art collectors seeking exciting artwork at affordable prices. They’ve tapped into local art scenes across the world to curate a collection of cutting-edge work by the next generation of artists.
Join The Tappan Collective to Tap into the Art Scene. Discover and follow emerging artists and collect original artwork and exclusive limited edition prints

The photos above are just a few pieces that I love. To see more, you can head over to their website or check them out on FacebookTwitter, & Tumblr.


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