Ten Things

1. The hard part's over. My semester, at least. 

2. Wearing black-on-black makes me feel like an Olsen twin. Maybe I should join Fuller House.

3. I haven't listened to much Christmas music this year. Sorry, Michael Bublé.

4. I HAVE been listening to this playlist, feat. Alex Bleeker & The Freaks, Leon Bridges, The Weather Station, and Real Estate. 

5. Asked for a trench coat this year. I guess I'm an adult now. Or in the mafia. Or Carrie Bradshaw.

6. Becoming addicted to LOST. And annoying everyone around me with my fan theories. 

7. Seeing more pictures than usual at Rockefeller Center this year. So maybe I'll add that to my list, too. 

8. It's December 21st and I haven't gone Christmas shopping. 

9. Is Christmas actually this Friday???

10. I guess I should go do that... like now. 


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