Fine, Great

… When you think to yourself, “I’m being a stupid teenager” but you’re 20 years old now. 

It doesn’t feel like much has changed yet. Or maybe everything's changed and I’ve failed to notice. It’s been not-the-best couple of weeks. It’s been a pretty awful couple of weeks, actually. But the best part about the bad times is the realization that they won't last forever; 

you’ll be o k a y. 

So as I’m thinking about finals, pizza, the Lost series finale (still not over it) and MJ crying memes, curled up in a ball playing “Linger” on repeat, I’m also thinking ahead. Looking forward to a month abroad in Ireland, time with friends & family and lazy summer weekends; time to reflect on recent weeks and older ones, too. 

I’m still a stupid, whiny, sarcastic 20 year-old. But some days I'm also stronger than I think. 


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