Find Your Inner Wild

This past weekend I had the opportunity of a lifetime to run 200(ish) miles from Hull to Provincetown MA. The Ragnar Relay is unlike any other race--sleeping in vans, running at 4 am in complete darkness with nothing but a headlamp to guide the way... humidity and rain and sunburns and indigestion for everyone! Our mileage was divided between 12 runners (but some did it with FIVE PEOPLE - holy smokes). I was the second-to-last one to go, and by the time my third leg came around, the exhaustion and leg cramps and lingering taste of peanut butter combined with enough adrenaline to get me through. It was an amazing experience that I'm so happy to have shared with my teammates. 

And the nap I had when I got home was quite possibly the best ever. 

We have this innate aversion to change, to putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations. It's scary to try something new and push yourself to your limits (or surpass them). This weekend I realized that maybe we don't realize we need to challenge ourselves, until we're faced with no other choice but to. Maybe we all need to be 85 miles into a race, with our only option being to move forward (or some other equivalent to this). These past few weeks have taught me that when I'm faced with problems not worth solving, complacency is my own worst enemy. I encourage you to get out there and challenge yourself--talk more, plan more, move more, feel more

Find your inner wild. 


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