Summer Da(y)zed & Confused

It's been a busy summer so far! But that's just the way I like it. I've started an internship, hiked through waterfalls, ate too much sushi, lathered on the aloe, and attended 2(ish) music festivals in the 4 weeks since I've been home. 

This was my first year at Boston Calling, after begging my friends for years to join me. Dancing to BORNS, Courtney Barnett, and ODESZA was well-worth the wait (and the sweaty crowds in 90 degree temps). I also tried fried Oreos, because apparently I was "uncultured" for never having done so before... 😅

It's just not summer without a festival--the music, the people, the food, the ~vibes~ all coming together at once. Besides, I'll take any excuse to wear a fanny pack (and rock it) for a day. 

Yesterday was SUPPOSED TO BE the day I saw #yeezus. But it rained in NYC, and Governor's Ball was cancelled, and YES, I am still very mad about it. We made the most of it--the city is always an adventure, and from wandering Central Park and eating my first Shake Shack burger, to a failed attempt at renting Citi Bikes... I realized that any day, place, time can be an adventure too, if we view each setback as a new opportunity instead. 

So with the rest of my summer days quickly passing by, I'm ready to take my next adventure overseas--to Dublin, Ireland. I'll be taking classes/doing as many cool things as possible/trying not to get overwhelmed for the next 4 weeks... 

Here's to new challenges, artsy travel pics, self-growth, and Guinness.


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