Face It

So this is me. In post-shower, no makeup, squinty eyed fashion (and a KK1 preset thrown in for good measure, because I do love my VSCO filters). I'm posting this because I don't often post full-on "selfies". I usually prefer the trying-without-looking-like-you're-trying look. But what's wrong with showing the world that you're proud, happy, excited, and confident about yourself and the things happening in your life? 

Today I woke up feeling ready for the day to be over. I knew I had to present a project for my internship that I'd spent weeks preparing for, and couldn't wait to fast forward and crawl back into the warm solace of my bedsheets... But I presented. And I killed it, walking around the office with a grin that couldn't escape my face the rest of the day. There's nothing like the adrenaline rush you feel when overcoming a new challenge, and the relief that follows once you've proven to yourself that you'd been just as capable all along. 

So today I smiled, because I conquered my internship poster (which took at least 20 revisions up until the very last second) and presented it to my entire leadership team in a "well-spoken and articulate" way. According to my boss, at least. I came home and smiled through the blazing mid-summer heat during my run, went to dinner with wet hair and bare face and didn't think twice about it. 

And despite everything else that has the power to bring me down these days, I'm still smiling now. Because I know that I'm trying, and I'm doing, and creating, and taking in each experience as it comes. We should all feel strong enough to put our fresh faces forward, to handle each challenge as it comes, knowing that when we strip ourselves clean of all the self-doubt and distractions, we're capable of anything we set our minds to. 


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