Late December

It's Christmas Eve.


Today I slept in, watched at least three Hallmark movies, and had brunch with my friends. Rain falling outside, hands wrapped around a fresh cup of coffee -- trading new stories and rehashing the old ones, too. Life continues and we find ourselves changing constantly, but it's nice to know that there are still things that stay the same: Eggs-over-easy and everything bagels, pancakes dripping in syrup -- with just a dash of whipped cream. Swirling a spoon around in my mug -- thinking, contemplating, listening -- and the mocha-hued stain left behind on the saucer. How laughter comes easier than most other things. 

As I get older, it's easy to become jaded. I don't fall asleep on Christmas Eve with the same nervous excitement in my stomach as I did when I was younger, but now it's got me appreciating a different kind of magic -- the silent moments we overlook each day, times when we feel settled and safe and whole and loved. I get excited about different things, now -- like dreams of big travels and planting my roots in another city, all the friends I haven't met yet and the ideas that fulfill me most.

All the many Christmas Eve's to come.


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