Warm Strawberries

"The third week in February was warm last year, just like this year. I made a playlist called warm strawberries to celebrate the weather, built of songs that feel like the way sun hits your skin and the way strawberries taste sweeter when they've been left out in the hot air. I met a boy that weekend who seemed like an improbability... and then I did that thing you do when you have a crush and constantly need to tell your friends about the littlest things he's saying, because you just wanna know if he has a crush back. I added this song to my warm strawberries playlist and it was all I listened to on the train.
'Don't tell me that they're all the same / 'cause even the sound of his name / carries me over their reach / back to some golden beach / where only he remains'
"Having a new crush makes my heart feel like a mushy, red, warm strawberry that's been in the sun too long... It's cold out right now but tomorrow the forecast says warm."


To me, there is no better feeling than the first days of spring. Watching snow banks melt into muddy puddles, taking off my jacket halfway to class, feeling the sting on my cheeks from the first hint of a sunburn. Everything feels fresh and new, even the air smells different (like the way that concrete smells after a summer shower in the afternoon). For as long as I can remember, spring has been a time of rebirth -- growth & possibility & hope. 


I've been listening to this playlist for weeks: Warm Strawberries. Every time I listen to it, I think of long drives on country roads back home, laying in the grass under the sun even though it makes my legs itch, and the feeling you get when you open a text message from the boy that you like and you don't even care that everybody can see how big you're smiling. I listen to this playlist on long runs, first dates, and lazy mornings -- for feeling and thinking all the things that make me melt.

This spring, I hope you find reasons to feel warm and fuzzy, too.


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