Lifetime Warranty

"is my vision getting clearer now that i can barely see?
is it crazy these nights wishin' that you only wanted me
and i'll be in debt by the time i am 22
and i regret to inform you that i am not that girl you knew

My chest feels heavy today / It could be from the start of a head cold, or it could be that I sometimes I have to remind myself to breathe in deeply, or maybe it's that I'm thinking about how everything is different now and how easy it is to relive familiar emotions all over again / I think I used to relish in the sadness and in setting myself up for disappointment / I don't really care about the same things that I used to, and that's okay too / It's cloudy out today, but my skin still feels warm / I recently learned that "partly cloudy" applies to nighttime, otherwise you're supposed to say "partly sunny" / I guess this makes sense but I'd never really thought about it before and now I feel silly for not realizing it sooner / Am I partly sunny or partly cloudy? I don't know yet / There's a man sitting outside the library / He's handing out pocket-sized bibles but he's quieter than the men I'm used to passing / I wonder why Christians are the only ones who sit outside of college libraries handing out religious texts / He did seem very kind though / I don't know how to be kind without getting walked all over and I don't know how to be selfless without losing myself / Some days I wish I had a new car manual or a crystal ball to tell me that it's all going to be fine / I don't know if I believe in coincidences anymore

i'm not the girl you knew
i am not the girl you knew
i'm not the girl you knew"


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