Marc-Olivier Jodoin

Wait for the guy who laughs at your drunk texts (all twelve in a row). Wait for the one who always has an explanation, and who never leaves you second-guessing. Wait for the person who makes you breakfast for dinner and who knows what to say when you're having a bad day. Wait for the one who listens to you vent, who lets you take it out on him and forgives you when you say, "I'm sorry,  that was wrong of me to do," an hour later. Wait for the day when the awkward pauses in conversation become comfortable ones, for when you don't need words to communicate what's on your mind. Wait for the laughter and the person who isn't embarrassed to take cheesy photos with you, who sees you better than anyone else. Wait for the one who excites you, but keeps your feet (& your mind) planted on solid ground -- the one who tells you, "Everything's fine," when the voice inside your head is telling you that you don't deserve happiness, and who understands that this is going to happen often. Wait for the boy who makes you feel like a warm strawberry on a hot summer day, every day. Wait for the person who likes sleeping in and afternoon naps as much as he likes adventures and exploring new places. Wait for the fresh-cut flowers, just because. Wait for a person who feels like home. 

Don't settle.



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