The One Where I Can't Make Up My Mind

It's a belief of mine that everyone should spend some part of their lives in the city, any city. Whether it's a month, a year, a decade-long stay, it's always been an experience that's very important to me. I think that the city has a way of changing people, shaping them. I think we walk away just a little bit tougher (more capable) than the people we entered as. Growing up, I always saw myself in Boston, the "college town". I saw myself interning in big hospitals and going to Red Sox games, walking through Boston Common on summer days... And then I started watching Friends. I now saw myself in a cozy apartment with my best friends, claiming the coffee shop downstairs my stomping grounds and calling Manhattan my home. And yet still, this summer I traveled to Seattle. I fell in love with the laid-back west coast feel, the clean air, the music/art/culture that was uniquely all its own.

And there are still so, so many cities to explore. 

Maybe I'll end up in L.A., Austin, Minneapolis, Miami, Philly, Portland, Chicago.... It's exciting to think about all the possibilities. I don't have the slightest idea where I'll find myself in 10 years, or where I'll ultimately end up. I can't know the twists and turns and towns and roads that will get me there. But each time I fall in love with a new city, I begin to think of the version of myself that belongs there. And for now, this is as far to reinventing myself--my life--as I'll get. 


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