Just One of Those Days...

Do you ever wake up immediately looking forward to crawling back into bed again? This was my morning. Nothing particularly worthy of complaining about, it's just one of those days. Inexplicably uneventful, stressful, and exhausting all rolled into one. 

Sure, we all have these days. But one "eh" day doesn't have to ruin all the day-to-day progress we are making, amiright?! Here are some ways I shake those winter blues, stay inspired, and make sure tomorrow turns out brighter than expected:

1. Drink something hot. 

Black coffee in the morning, greeen tea in the afternoon, whatever works for you. Cradling that little mug in my hands never fails to send happy feels all over. It literally warms my soul. 

2. Get active.

I strive for this every day, if possible. Whether it's a yoga class on campus, a weight room sesh, or a long run to a nostalgic playlist; I find it all incredibly therapeutic. 

3. Read for fun.

You have NO IDEA how freeing it is to read something BY CHOICE that's NOT IN A TEXTBOOK for once. I just finished What I was Doing While You Were Breeding. Find a snug place & get lost.

4. Use your hands. 

I recently started keeping a journal that I can only describe as a messy, wonderful stream of consciousness in many forms. I like to write, draw, paint, collage--it's what you make of it. 

5. Just b r e a t h e. 

Take fifteen seconds to unplug, unwind, and simply be. Free People did a post here on how to breathe through anxiety. You'll thank yourself later. 

Hope these tips help, and I'd love to hear about any other ideas, too 


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