Just Love

So needless to say, college can be a stressful time. You're busy 24/7 and even on the off-chance that you aren't busy, it's only because you're blissfully ignoring about ten other things you should, in fact, be doing. It's a never-ending cycle. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving every second of my time here (from the really good to the really bad). But the stress is inevitable. And when I stress, I get cranky/whiny/borderline-unbearable towards everything and everyone around me. 

It's not my best look.

In the spirit of Valentine's weekend, I'm attempting to have a moment of self-reflection here. This time last year was all about self-love, changing my perspective of things to better appreciate my own ups and downs and failures and triumphs. Now it's time to redirect that positive energy outwards; to listen more, criticize less, and be as loving and supportive toward others as I've learned to be for myself. I know they say that February 14th is just a silly excuse to justify only being kind and thoughtful for one day out of the year... 

but what if it's the perfect starting point instead?

One of my friends recently started an email thread that asks you to send a favorite encouraging verse to the person you're assigned (it could even be a total stranger). The message continues on until you receive your own words of encouragement, too. We should incorporate this sentiment into our day-to-day lives as well: take out the headphones, be open, be honest. Be genuinely interested in what others have to say. Get past the small talk. A ten-second interaction might become what you least expected, at a time when you actually needed it.

This Valentine's day, be a little better to the people you love.

My plans include drooling over Mark Ruffalo in 13 going on 30 and playing the Spice Girls on repeat (the original Galentine's day girl squad). Check out the playlist below for more v-day inspiration.


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