Is This It?

stripes, hats, hair down


Longest. Weekend. Ever. But so worth every second. Yesterday I took a class trip to NYC--taking time to pause my day & relax under the sunshine in Bryant Park was probably my favorite part. I love visiting cities, but by the end of the day my feet are sore, my wallet is light, and I'm usually ready to trade in skyscrapers for oak trees. Still, the idea of so many strangers sharing this small piece of the world, passing by hundreds of unknown faces every day but each one calling this place home in his/her own way... The city is full of stories--full of life. Somewhere between the lights and the sounds and the style and the restlessness of it all there's this sense that anything is possible. Maybe someday I could picture myself hailing taxis and gazing out at the skyline from a studio apartment, but for now I'll have my fleeting adventures. Take a walk on the wild side xx


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