Big Jet Plane

After a LONG but exciting/refreshing/much needed weekend of traveling there is only one thing that still plagues my mind (besides the seemingly endless number of photos I've yet to upload).  Airport style is a feat of mystical heights, if you ask me. When I board the plane, it's usually in something simple, loose-fitting, and layered because the temperature is constantly changing throughout the day, and I like to be obnoxiously prepared, (almost) annoyingly so. Practicality, my friends. 

But flip open any magazine, scroll through blogs for long enough, and you're bound to come across a sorceress or two that looks so put together, so effortlessly comfortable and chic all at the same time, we all might as well be wearing paper bags over our heads. WE also aren't hopping off into private jets, but hey, a girl can dream.

If you're doing any traveling this summer--wherever your travels may take you--you'll likely share my curiosity for airport style inspiration. Here are a few of my picks: 

(photos via Pinterest)


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