MUSIC MONDAY | And the Art of Timing

There's something to be said about the art of perfect timing. Sometimes you discover a new album, and it's like someone reached into your brain and found just the words needed to soothe your soul. I think that my favorite albums have served a special time and place in my life. I related to them for those weeks or months that I played them over and over again; they became as familiar a background noise as the sounds of birds singing and cars passing by outside my window. Last fall it was The Belt, by spring I was dancing around the room to 1989, and now with the arrival of summer, Dopamine is the album on rotation.

What we listen to says a lot about the things that, maybe, we really needed to hear.

Some of my most recent picks:

No Mythologies to Follow - MØ

Saw her at Gov Ball flipping a long braided pony tail and dancing crudely and unapologetically. I wanted to be her best friend. And she did a Spice Girls cover, what more do you need to know? Kind of strange electro-dance-pop. Very cool. Try tracks 2, 9, 12.

Rust Never Sleeps - Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Because my recent trip to the midwestern part of the country has me also getting in touch with my folkier side. There are about twelve more Neil Young albums in my house somewhere. "Rock and Roll is here to stay," and all that. Try 1, 6

Spotify Sessions - Young the Giant

Driving home from the coffee, I came across this 'unplugged' set via Spotify. Needless to say, I found myself taking the long way home. And feeling a bit sentimental. It's short, it's sweet. It's indie but it's stripped down in a very refreshing way. Try 2, 3

Dopamine - Third Eye Blind

I love this band. I will always love this band. Shamelessly. It's all about the catchy hooks to me and I don't care. Semi-Charmed Life has a permanent staple on your annually updated summer playlist, we all know it.  Almost two decades later and still equal parts angsty and springy, but it's a juxtaposition I can be down for. Put on your best plaid flannel and choker and try 1, 4, 10 

ALSO, check out my online indie/alternative music radio show here, streaming Monday's 12-1 p.m. this summer. Happy listening. 


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