Food for Thought

Life is constantly cluttered and condensed with choices. A simple yes or no doesn't cut it anymore, and we often convolute simple decisions into something much bigger; as though each one somehow defines us. I hate the idea of being boxed into any category. It sometimes feels like I can never have both of the things I want. It's either I'm an extrovert, loud and warm and in the center of it all, or I'm introverted, mild and focused and self-sufficient. I'd like to believe I'm a little bit of everything--I'd like to believe I am myself, the only definition that really matters. 

I struggle most with this dichotomy in my efforts at becoming an actual 'grown-up' person. Do I want to push myself--new faces, spontaneous planning, not a care in the world? Do I want to say "yes" to anything the universe has to offer? Or would I prefer the quiet comfort of an easy night in solitude, vicariously taking risks through novels and snapchat stories? It's the timeless question of whether one is better off regretting their actions or wondering what could have been. 

Here's what I've learned: do what you want. Do what feels right in any given second. LEARN from it all, learn for yourself which choices led to the favorite stories you still share today, and which ones still make you cringe. You are a work in progress, and it is okay to have no freaking clue when it comes to defining yourself. If you're happy, surrounded by good things and good people, it doesn't have to make sense. 

Be every inconsistent, irrational, tumultuous ounce of you. 


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