Sweater Weather

Oddly enough, I think I feel equally liberated in what few stitches of fabric I wear during Summer as I do when layering up for colder temperatures. There's the sense each layer is unique--the way it all comes together is an individual, creative process. I love the variation of textures I see during late-fall; chunky sweaters mixed with delicate crocheted knits & lace, dainty dresses edged up by dark colors & thigh-highs. Variety is a very freeing thing.

I'm currently trying to avoid the mundane routine that becomes these winter months. 

Everyone becomes so caught up in holiday excitement; I find it saccharine, overwhelming, suffocating. I love traditions--candied yams at Christmas dinner, snowmen and downtown lights and movie marathons with hot cocoa--but sometimes the anticipation of it all leaves me feeling a bit empty once it's all over. Why should this be the only time of year people look forward to? 

I guess my challenge for you as fall transitions into winter is this: Appreciate and honor your traditions. Indulge in them. But don't limit yourself just to recreating the old memories--find magic in the unexpected, too. 

Random thoughts: I need better lighting. And photography skills. And maybe an actual camera for x-mas? Mom and dad? It was worth a try.


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