Drifting Days

What a view when you're walking over here. You know, all the problems in the world just disappear.

I was introduced to this song by a friend. It's a Monday night, we're on our way to a 7pm baseball game. Last traces of sunlight follow taillights and gaze back at us through mirrored reflections. Shadows dance over snags in pavement, ripple across our skin like waves. It's all around, don't you feel it too? The car was full of good laughs and better stories, the result of spur-of-the-moment decisions. This time of year is always such a spontaneous one. School's winding down; I'm filled with an urgent sense of freedom without its tangible confirmation of Summer. I got a feeling that we'll find those better days. Abandon is more exciting when we take it for ourselves. Reckless abandon. Possibilities. The days are getting longer. Make the most of yours.



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