Leap of Faith

I never prided myself in being the creative type.
I'm overly rational, very analytic, and maybe a bit of a pessimist. Things have to make sense to me. They need goals and structure, and specific plans on getting there. It's difficult to accept circumstances without question. Instead, I drive myself crazy attempting to explain life's inexplicables for myself.

But rather than relying on fact and logic, I've been challenging myself to instead rely on instinct. Trusting myself. Finding an outlet in anything that's beautiful and focused and that I can throw myself into completely. Working with clay and paints I see that the further from perfection, the better. Rough edges and shaky brush strokes create something that's real. Real is what happens when we challenge ourselves. It's important to step outside of our comfort zones.
L e t 
G o.

It's good to keep our feet planted on the ground, but sometimes it's necessary to let our minds wander.


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