With Grace in Her Heart

I think I've finally reached a change in mindset. It hit me this week that I'd been wasting my thoughts, my time, my energies. I'd been living in fear. I was afraid of losing people and of missed opportunities. I was afraid of becoming happy because deep down I refused to believe that anything good could last. Our thoughts define us. The way we perceive ourselves defines us. For too long I'd been allowing my circumstances to define my happiness, been holding onto what I should have been letting go. I guess I've realized that instead of fearing life, I should be embracing it fully. The good, the bad, the unexpected. I want it all. We are our own worst enemies. But the mind is stronger than we think.

Today my friends and I made a pact to discover new adventures together. I love experiencing a day in its entirety; taking in every sight, every laugh. On days like these I feel whole. I feel complete. Adventure #1 was a success.

Current goals:
Let the past remain the past.
Make the most of the present.

~ ~ ~


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