Coming up Roses

It was a week of spontaneity. Today brought me to Madison CT, a town with old-school charm and weathered homes perfectly nestled between golf courses and private beaches. Added bonus: I made it there and back sans the assistance of google maps... who says we're becoming a technology-dependent generation?

My friend, Emily, and I immediately fell in love with every shop we encountered--trinkets and fabrics and memorabilia to every heart's desire. After grabbing a late-ish pancake breakfast at a diner that was classic in every sense of the word, we took the time simply to explore. Aimlessly driving brought us past sprawling estates & picturesque cottages by the sea; bike-riding locals gave us a glimpse into a carefree summer lifestyle that most only dream of...

Afternoon naps under the trees. Green iced tea & a movie matinĂ©e (Begin Again: Kiera Knightly, no words can express my adoration). ICE CREAM. A long drive home and a playlist to accompany it. Today was good, so good. 


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