Summer Heat

I need to apologize for my lack of posts recently. I also need to apologize for the photo-overload you are about to experience. Here's a recap of what made these past few weeks so flippin' great:

- visited 5 different parks
- discovered a new favorite restaurant
- went running almost every day 
- saw Dave freakin' Matthews
- let my inner hippie flower-child run wild
- night swimming
- (staying out past curfew)
- road trips
- sunshine
- bracelet making
- kind words
- lovely friends & family

I love Summer. I love these memories. I love dusting sand off my legs and rolling the windows down.  Fireworks and s'mores and sunsets. Long, winding roads. Music and drawings and words. Aimless thoughts. Your hand in mine. Old friends. Laughter. Endless amounts of laughter. 

"Celebrate we will; life is short but sweet for certain"


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