Ten-Thing Tuesday

Ten Thing Tuesday: Seattle edition
(inspired by Hummusbird)

1. Seattle may just make a loyal Starbucks girl out of me.

2. Mt Rainier National Park is pretty freakin' cool.

3. Yes, that's snow. Yes, I hiked through it. Yes, it is July.

4. Yellow is my man's fav color (and this is his also his favorite jacket of mine).


6. You never know where the road might take you.

7. I tried lavender ice cream in the lovely town of Poulsbo (it was amazing).

8. The pictures don't nearly do the Seattle skyline justice.

9. Vintage leather jacket and Coach bag: $80. The thrill of the hunt: priceless.

10. I rediscovered my love for Spoon when I heard this song whilst driving past bungalows & Bainbridge island coastline. I don't want this to end. 


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