Wild heart

Currently packing for tomorrow's flight to Seattle!!! 
My dad visited for work once when I was little, and after he told me about how amazing of a trip it was I've wanted to see the city for myself ever since. And now I find my bedroom shrouded in a mess of sandals and dresses and moisturizers and underwear and I feel completely overwhelmed but so so excited. We don't necessarily have a plan of what we'll be doing once we get there--which makes the trip all the more free-spirited and unrestricted and open to all possibilities, characteristics that I've always felt defined Seattle itself. I cannot wait to step off the plane and be surrounded by the sights and sounds and people of this city; I want to immerse myself in it fully. 

Of course, it's quite the plane ride from east to west coast America: here's a bit of what I'll be listening to on my travels. Here's to wild hearts & the promise of adventure.


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