Ships in the Night

Tuesday night, wrapped in an unkempt but palatial tangle of blankets. Outside the rain is coming down and every now and then a rumble of thunder echoes through the walls and shakes me back to reality when my mind begins to wander. No television, no cell phone, not even my usual background music or book on the bedside table. Just me, myself, and the natural sounds that fill the otherwise silent void in the night. It feels like lately I've been in constant forward motion--always going somewhere, doing something, being someone to somebody--I'm welcoming this night to rest my mind & body and indulge in an unstructured state of consciousness. For now, I'm not worrying about deadlines or college packing lists, people I need to see, money I do not have; I refuse to even debate what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow... 

Set aside the time to simply be in the moment--any moment--yourself. Exist. Tomorrow, we conquer our asunder worlds. 


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